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Inspired by a flower with rich history, this textured acrylic painting illustrates vividly colored garden tulips reaching for the sky. Tulips only bloom only 3-7 days of the year and can be found in nearly every color. Tulips may have the most interesting story of any flower known to man.

In the 1600s, a speculative fervor broke out and captivated the greed of an entire country. The bulbs of the flower became so valuable that at one point one bulb was equal to 10 times the average working man’s annual wages! See Wikipedia for this fascinating cautionary tale.

In the world of tulips, red symbolizes perfect love, yellow represents cheerful thoughts, purple signifies royalty, and pink embodies happiness and confidence. This colorful piece will brighten any space in your home or office.


Print of 2020 Tulipmania

Primary Colors:
Crimson Red, Gold, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Pastel Pink, Apricot Yellow

12″ x 24″
(Print Only)


Additional Notes:
Images are not to scale, please pay attention to dimensions.


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