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The heart of a lion is captured in this one-of-a-kind artwork made on a vintage art deco mirror. Using a variety of blues, greys, indigo blacks, and metallic paint the silhouette of a striking lion’s face bears itself on the mirror, allowing you to see small reflections of yourself. Framed in an opulent, deep antique gold, the mirror is bordered by plaster of Paris from 1953, as the stamp on the back of the piece states.

Lions signify power, strength, and courage. They are the only cats that live in groups, called prides, which can be as large as 30 lions. A lion’s roar can be heard from nearly 5 miles away. Wild lions are on the brink of extinction, and only roam free in parts of India and Africa.

“Lion’s Pride” can stand out on its own or be used in a gallery wall. Bold, yet understated, eclectic, wild, and classy – it’s a true statement piece. Will work in nearly any room, or with any style, be it modern, traditional, eclectic, art deco.


Mixed Media Resin Art, 2021
Powerful Lion Resin Art Painting on Vintage Art Deco Mirror

Epoxy Resin, Mica Powder, Mirror, Other

Primary Colors:
Royal Blue, Space Black, Gold

*There will never be another piece created exactly like this*

24″ x 28″ x 3″
37 lbs
Additional Notes:
Images are not to scale, please pay attention to dimensions. Each piece is handmade & may have minor “imperfections” on the surface (e.g., fine bubbles, ripples, or small particles) that found a way to the painting during the resin curing phase. These add to the uniqueness of each piece. Handle with care – resin can be scratched or marked. Best displayed in natural light or a well-lit area. Gently dust off using a microfiber duster or residue-free compressed air. Securely hang using a hanging system that allows for the appropriate weight of the art piece – this piece may need new heavy duty anchors in the back. Artist is not liable for any damage or injury related to the artwork.


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